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Toon’d ’83 Chevy’ Silverado

Toon’d ’83 Chevy’ Silverado

SKU: HW-T83CS-T-104250
The Toon’d ’83 Chevy’ Silverado from Hot Wheels is a die-cast collectible toy designed for ages 3 and up. Part of the Tooned Series, this Chevy Silverado is perfect for hobbyists and collectors looking to add a unique piece to their collection. The detailed design makes it a great addition to any diorama or table-top gaming setup. Plus, it can be modified for Gaslands skirmish battles for an added level of fun and customization. Whether you’re a fan of classic trucks or just love Hot Wheels collectibles, this Toon’d ’83 Chevy’ Silverado is a must-have for any toy or car enthusiast.
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