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The Four Nations

After getting home from work, my boys, well two of them had a game of “Flames of War.” After I had their sort of battle report, we’re just learning the mechanics of the game, an idea was put forward to me, and I like the idea.

Because I have three boys, we are each able to have our own army. Robin has the British, Kyle has the Russians, Malcolm has the Americans and I’m left with the Germans. They all got the starter set of “Hit the Beach” for Christmas. I had also bought some of the other Starter Sets can’t remember what they were but anyway, we’ve each started building our armies.

Now, the idea that was put forward was, well the comment, “wouldn’t it be cool if we had a massive board, and we all have a massive 4-way battle?” I would get 200 points; Kyle would get 100 points and both Robin and Malcolm have 50 points each to build a force. At first an eight-foot by eight-foot table was mentioned but, we figured that it would be too far to reach. So, we thought maybe a six-foot by eight-foot would be more suitable for reaching to the centre of the table.

I’m aiming to buy some more MDF boards for my beach landing table. The Four Nations table won’t be elaborate as the beach landing, but will have scatter terrain on a flat surface, so I’ll need to get more scenery building materials off the web or hardware stores. I have also invested in some 3D stls from various kickstarters by “WOW Buildings,” so I will start going through them to start planning and printing models for the table.

I’m looking forward to this project.

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