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Squad of Six

Aye, the 2nd of June 2022, off for the Jubilee Bank holiday, yay 4 days off - this will be my summer holidays, being self employed can't have much says off.

As I have said before I'm in the process of pricing the resin printed figures, I don't get a lot of time at the moment, I should be doing more after my rounds - that will change after next week. Backlog of parcels to deliver next week (3 days), anyways I'm digressing.

I had a print failure the other night, so I had to clean my resin vat so that I could print more. There should have been eight figures on the printing plate but one dislodged - the reason for the clean up. I printed off another set of figures to help with costing process. I had another print failure with two figures, so I ended up with eight instead of ten figures and another clean up. At the time of writing, I have another set of figures printing.

I have been processing files this morning - body clock still on work times and had an early rise, 5:45am so decided to do my 3D printing stuff. As I said process some files getting ready for 3D printing. Restarted my computer a few times, it was lagging and kept on cutting off from my home network.

What ever I print, will build up a stock for Thainstone Sunday Market and Carboot Sales. Wouldn't mind having a shop or unit to work from and game when times are quiet.

These figures will be ideal for any sci-fi tabletop gaming be it role-playing or skirmishes.

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