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Resin Printing Today

Aye its frustrating, I set my resin printer going today. I started off with The Lazy Forger's epic scale barricades for a table top Legion Imperialis board or modular tiles (still to be decided).

One failed and another was peeling off the build plate. I've just to check it with the figures that are still on the sprue, to see how it looks.

Whilst my Mars 3 Pro was printing I started setting up files to be ready for printing. I was also re-calculating my costs for the web site. There was supposed to 12 Cohors Evicati troopers on the build plate. I ended up with only two figures.

That was disappointing with the failures, the figures are by That Evil One. I've cleaned out the resin vat, and set my Mars 3 Pro printing again. It's The Lazy Firger's electric pylons for my Legions Imperialis board/modular tiles. It's a 9 hour print. It should be finished tomorrow morning, so by the time I've scanned my parcels and loaded my van, it should be finished.

I've also been busy with this little lass.

I brought her home two weeks ago, so along with my bairns, we've been house training and getting her used to a lead, ball chasing, and the play fighting.

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