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Resin Printing is back?

My resin printer screen arrived yesterday, and Malcolm got it changed over. I tried a test print last night and it failed. I cleaned the vat tonight after work and trying another set of Mekka Miniatures body parts to see how it goes - fingers crossed.

Another printer went down a few days ago. I had set up a print before heading off to work and apparently the nozzle blocked and the heated filament found a different way to exit and ended up destroying the printing head. So I did a search for a new one and my other son Robin ordered it tonight. So hopefully when it arrives tomorrow Malcolm will get it changed over.

I was watching You Tube tonight as well. There was an episode showing rotary resin figure casting. I can't do rotary casing but we will be playing about with resin casting. I have a vacuum chamber, and I'm converting a spray paint pressure pot into a resin cast pressure pot. I but some part over the past few days but ended up getting the wrong size. The pressure pot should be ready in the next two or three weeks.

I've set up a Printify account and connected it to my web site. So, not only will we be offering 3D printed items, we will be designing our own stuff for other types of merchandise be it mugs, t-shirts or canvases. I will also be using AI to design stuff but my family will use their own creative artistic styles to produce their own. We have a couple of project ideas rumbling about on discussion.

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