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New Resin Printer on the way

I had plans to get a 3d scanner via kickstarter for some projects I have in mind but,

with the issues with my Elegoo Mars, I decided to cancel my pledge and get hold of a new Elegoo Mars 3 Pro so that I can get a start to printing figures, and at least have something to sell.

A glass plate arrived yesterday for my Creality Ender 3 Pro. I had ordered it to replace the sticky plate I had been using. Some issues with the raft for printing kept sticking to the printed piece and, at times difficult to remove from the build plate.

So I'm off now to get some prints made.

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My new resin printer seems to be working fine so I should be able to start printing from tonight. I've still files to support and test print, so will be carrying on when I get back home from my round.

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