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More Resin Printer Issues

Aye, its frustrating. You buy a new screen and go through the same repair process as last time -well Malcolm did, and a new issue appears. Now, when you start printing it fails with either no exposed resin on the build plate nor the fep on the resin vat, or there are some exposed resin on both build plate and fep, where during the printing process, it stops exposing the resin. A few exposure tests has shown that it cuts out or it maintains the full exposure time. So beginning to think that we have a faulty screen but can't proove it. Once you start to replace the screen it's damaged. So I've ordered another new screen, we'll check the connections before refitting the new screen.

The FDM printers have been printing away, I'm printing stuff from Forbidden Prints' kicksarter Dustrict 12. I'm printing two if each item, basically for photographing and painting before uploading to the Web site. At the same time I have been slicing stl files ready for printing,

I've also been doing a bit of Internet window shopping, looking for other product ideas to gave on my Web page.

I've also started making moulds for casting in plaster - another option for the Web site. Having some You Tube tutorial videos playing in the background for modelling in blender, mould making and resin casting.

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My new resin printer seems to be working fine so I should be able to start printing from tonight. I've still files to support and test print, so will be carrying on when I get back home from my round.

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