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Days 3 and 4 of the long weekend

I'm very pleased with the last two days. I had wanted to watch Games Expo 2022 (playing in the background), but since it was a fine day, I decided to work on my "Hit the Beach" board for Flames of War. I got my loft floor insulation boards out, as well as my 1" thick polystyrene sheets, started to cut them up and glue them on to the board. It was a really nice day and I didn't want to stink oot the hoose with the smell of burning polystyrene. I used gorilla glue. I was very happy with the progress.

I used some of my books to help with keeping the pieces down, gorilla glue expands as you spray water on to it.

Later on at night I had a bevy and started making some models for Black Seas, a sail skirmish game. Made a couple of Italian tanks. On the Sunday morning I made more Italian ranks for Flames of War.

I got some trees from Wish (China), I wasn't going to use them for the board, but I tried them and decided that I'm not going for realistic but for fun.

So I got my Italian tanks finished, and had a chat wi ma boys about things (gaming), and me and Robin decided to have a wee go with the board.

We were learning the basics of Flames of War, we had roughly 30 points of vehicles on the table. I got anilated by Robin, he destroyed all of my eight Italian tanks, but I did get one of his tanks before being destroyed.

I have three boards 4'x2' that make up my 6'x4' gaming board, but after some discussion, I decided to have another three to four 4'x2' boards, to have a transition from beach to farmland, outskirts, city, and onto mountains.

At some point I want to do a desert setting for North African campaigns, probably be looking at a winter board, sci-fi board as well but that'll be in the future, same with the Pacific Islands.

I've decided that I should do more scenic building after I do my parcel run in the daytime.

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