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Day 2 of long weekend

Enjoyed my homebrew last night, very addictive once you have a pint, two or five - still very enjoyable.

Day 2 of 3D printing aswell, it's no going as planned. Had 2 sets of fails, where all the models stayed on the plate, 18 figures in all had parts of their head missing, so into the fails box with them. They'll come on handy for practising figure painting. I have also been getting more 3D files ready for printing.

I have On Table Top playing away on Twitch in the background -via my Xbox, as they cover UKEXPO 2022. Haven't won any prizes yet.

Going to wash some Black Seas models now to give me a break away from the PC.

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My new resin printer seems to be working fine so I should be able to start printing from tonight. I've still files to support and test print, so will be carrying on when I get back home from my round.

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