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Carrying on as I do on my day off.

Finally started working out my prices along with my printing formats, sorting out codes for the web site, and printing actual figures with my Elegoo Mars resin printer. I was also looking at some other 3D printers produced by Elegoo the other day, I have plans to get hold of their Saturn version. I discovered that they have a Jupiter version - which is on pre-rider at the time of writing, a printer that hope to have at some point. I have been looking at the prices for shipping and it looks like I'll be using EVRi for delivery. I will put a note on the delivery page on what to do if package is damaged, basically photograph it before opening so that you have proof of damage, being a courier or multi-drop driver myself, I know how frustrating it is for me every time I handle a damaged parcel, and the disappointment I see in folks when they receive it.

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